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Know more about Epipremnum Aureum Glacier

Epipremnum Aureum Glacier is a small pothos variety in the market and it has a nice green and white contrast on their small leaves. Glacier Pothos is commonly confused with Pearls and Jade Pothos and Njoy Pothos although you can differentiate your Glacier because it tends to have more silvery-gray mottling/streaking than others and smaller leaves.

Epipremnum Aureum Glacier is a hardy climbing plant highly recommended for beginners and people who travel thanks to the fact that it is a plant that adapts very well to many environments and conditions.

Pothos is a plant that can grow in not so bright places or even artificial conditions (even though it requires a little bit more light than other pothos because of the variegations). Pothos are not sensitive to water, so it can last a few days more, although it is not recommended to have it for long periods without watering it.

Pothos are toxic plants if ingested, so you should increase precautions if you have cats, dogs or babies. On the other hand, it is a very beautiful and versatile climbing plant that is commonly used as a hanging plant next to the windows, in big spaces or in the balconies.

Key tips for successful care

  • Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth and gently dry to keep them clean and healthy.
  • Make sure your pothos doesn't receive direct sunlight if it's on a south or east-facing window.
  • You should water your Glacier pothos if its leaves are curved because it means the soil has dry out.
  • If you want to control the shape of the plant, rotate on a regular basis, and use pruners or scissors with a sharp blade.
  • Use a totem to make your pothos climb.
  • Pothos are beautiful plants as hanging plants, try it!

Epipremnum Aureum Glacier care guide

Epipremnum Aureum Glacier requires more light than other pothos since in low light conditions it doesn't grow much because the white parts of the leaves don't capture light for photosynthesis. The best condition for your Glacier Pothos is a moderate or bright light.

Glacier Pothos will be fine in a north-facing window, but we will have to place it a few feet inside if our window is facing south or west because the sun is way more intense.

In case you have a Glacier Pothos as a hanging plant, make sure that the light reaches the top of the plant and not just the leaves that are hanging.

Video tutorials of Glacier Pothos care and tips

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