Alocasia Portora

Alocasia Portora characteristics
Needs bright lightBig leavesTall plant. ~118.1"Good for bathroom


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Know more about Alocasia Portora

Alocasia Portora is one of the largest alocasias that you can find and that is why it is commonly used in outdoor spaces although it has begun to be commercialized for large and bright spaces.

This impressive alocasia is commonly known as elephant ear because of the shape of its leaves. Most alocasias are medium size, but unlike those, the Alocasia Portora can grow up to 4-5ft in good conditions such as abundant water, a substrate rich in organic matter, high humidity, and above all a lot of bright light even direct sunlight.

A curious fact is that Alocasia Portora is really an alocasia, unlike Alocasia Amazonica or other plants commonly known as alocasias that are actually colocasia. The main difference between alocasia vs colocasia is that the leaves of the alocasia point upwards, while the leaves of the colocasia are horizontal or point downwards.

Key tips for successful care

  • Place your Alocasia Portora in a south or west-facing window to give bright light and direct sunlight
  • Mist the leaves or use a humidifier to increase humidity.
  • Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth and gently dry to keep them clean and healthy.
  • Keep most of the soil humid

Alocasia Portora care guide

Alocasia Portora is an enormous alocasia that needs plenty of bright light or direct sun in order to keep up with its dimensions and bright green color foliage. As it's usually planted outdoors, there's no difficulty in providing these conditions, but indoors is not that easy.

Place your alocasia Portora next to a south or west-facing window to make sure it receives bright light and direct sun. Avoid placing your Alocasia Portora in low-light environments such as far from the windows, or in a north-facing window.

Video tutorials of Alocasia Portodora care and tips

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Video created by kayleeellenofficial about how to take care of a alocasia