Alocasia Portora


Alocasia Portora is commonly known as alocasia portodora, elephant ear.



Needs bright light

Leaf size

It has big leaves.

Leaf color

Its leaves have only 1 color

Maximum height

Considered a tall plant. It can grow up to ~118.1 inches.


Highly recommended for bathroom


This plant is toxic if ingested

Images of Alocasia Portora

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Alocasia Portora image number 1. All credits to Palm Nursery.
by Palm Nursery
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Alocasia Portodora care

How much light does a Alocasia Portodora need?

Alocasia Portora does best in bright or full sun conditions.

How to water a Alocasia Portodora?

The Alocasia Stingray likes to have moist soil all the time. Don't let it dry.

What's the ideal humidity for a Alocasia Portodora?

Needs a moist environment with above average humidity. Stand on a pebble tray to improve humidity and mist frequently. Pop it in the shower for a while to give it an occasional boost.

How to fertilize a Alocasia Portodora?

Apply a slow release fertilizer once a month during the growing season.

Alocasia Portodora care tips

  • Mist the leaves to increase humidity.

  • Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth and gently dry to keep them clean and healthy.

Video tutorials of alocasia care and tips

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Video created by kayleeellenofficial about how to take care of a alocasia