Stories of plant lovers like you

People who love plants share the story behind how they started growing plants.

What things they wish they had known when they started, how they deal with traveling, what are their favorite plants and shops and more!

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Plant stories and experiences from the community

  • Karolina poses with her 2 cats in front of some plants.
  • Maria happily poses with her favorite Pilea and other plants in front of her white wall with an antique, dark-colored clock.
  • Rita is posing comfortably sitting around her plants with each other, a Monstera Deliciosa, an aglaonema, dracaena, and more.
  • A cat named Bob is looking at you surrounded by 2 philodendron
  • AgonyPlant is holding her enormous alocasia with her arms.
  • Angela Defoe is taking a mirror picture while holding a beautiful gold plant pot along with a lot of indoor plants in her bathroom