Frequently asked questions

What is ChooseYouPlant?

ChooseYourPlant is a worldwide community for all kind of houseplant lovers where they can discover houseplants they love how they look, learn how to take care of them and share their images with all of us.

In a near future, ChooseYourPlant will have video tutorials of each plant, show the most known influencers you can learn from, create local meetups, list local plants that have those plants and more!

How does ChooseYouPlant work?

There"s a lot of people that don"t want to learn about plants, because they use them for decorations purposes or because they have other priorities.

For those people who don"t know about plants, either they don"t want to or they are new to the houseplants hobby, it"s tedious to find a plant for the requirements the spot you have.

At ChooseYourPlant we focus on pragmatism, like a person who does not know anything about plants would do. If it"s tall or not, how many color the leaves have, etc.

Is ChooseYourPlant for me?

We believe everyone can use our platform. The ones who doesn"t know a lot about plants, are the ones will take the most advantages from us.

On the other hand, the most experienced ones can always discover new varieties they ' know about.

I can"t find a plant I know. What"s wrong?

We don"t use any external data base. We are collecting and classifying all the information we believe is the most relevant.

Because of this, there are lots of plants we don"t have yet but, don"t worry. We are adding new plants weekly!

I like the project. How can I help?

First of all, we are happy you like the community we are all building. It"s always a pleasure to be helped and build friendly relationships.

You can help us in many different ways:

  1. Spread the word.
  2. Follow ChooseYourPlant on Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Become a sponsor.
  4. Share your plants with us and become a supporter.
  5. Help me to collect data, look for new influencers or write articles an be our supporter.
  6. Help me economically with the quantity you feel comfortable to cover the costs.